Monday, February 13, 2012

How much are you willing to give?

Too busy? On a tight schedule, too cold, too tired, too old? Our world revolves on excuses and blame. I believe that God is telling me to engage people. Tell them about Christ. Not necessarily from the pulpit, but from my platform. Could be the cab of a truck, living room, fence line in the yard. If your life is too, too, then ask God to bring the connections. I believe that most of us struggle with unbelief. God help us with our unbelief. Don't retire or withdraw, engage people, with God's help and direction. The church will thrive and prosper because it is not our work. God will find someone, whether it is you or not is a decision that you must wrestle with. Elmer Towns recently told us in class ( about 25 doctoral students, that God blesses and use the upbeat , positive, forward focused, and willing believer. What do you think?

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